Seniors it's almost time

It's almost time to go back to school.  The difference is this year bill be your last year at high school.  A lot will change in your life the next few years.  Get a great senior portrait for mom and dad to remember you by.  It's the least you can do and your smiling face will still be in your home even while you get on with your life after high school.

It's Crunch Time

Believe it or not summer is winding down for students at our local schools.  Even though the temperatures are in the 90's you will be returning to school soon.  If you are a senior this year have you done your senior pictures?  If you haven't make sure to make your appointment soon.  Don't wait until right before the yearbook deadline.  You will be so busy once school starts that it will be difficulet to find time in your schedule.  

Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 and set up your appointment today.  It's easy, Studio One knows your yearbook requirements and you will be relaxed and have a great session with great pictures.

It's almost time!

Every year we get a rush of people that are trying to get before the yearbook deadline lapses at their school.  Make sure you book your appointment ahead of time to allow enough time to get your yearbook ready for your school.  That way you can rest at ease knowing that your picture will be in the yearbook and since it's from Studio One it will look great too.

Your yearbooks will be due sooner than you think

You have a lot of things to do this summer.  One of the most important things is to get your senior pictures taken.  Your yearbook deadline for your school is coming sooner than you think.

All boxed up

Studio One packages and presents your finished portrait order professionally.  This means folders, boxes and bags for you to take your portraits home in.  Why, because we care that you get the finest quality portriats you can buy in Jackson Michigan.  And it's our way of sayting thank you to our customers.

One Hot Summer

Summer is here and it is HOT.  This is the hotest summer since I moved to Jackson 10 years ago.  I figured I would pass along some tips for your outdoors photography.

1.  Get photographed early in the day if possible.  As the temperature climbs you are going to sweat.  It will make for shiny skin and you makeup will run.  Besides having more tolerable temperatures you will get better light.

2.  I know it sounds crazy but still dress in solid colors and avoid shorts (guys).  

3.  I know getting up early can be challenging when you are a teenager.  Have all your clothing prepared the night before, you are less likely to forget things that way.  However your senior portraits are worth doing right. 

4.  Bring a positive attitude and a smile.  It goes a long way to looking cool even though the weather is hot.

Why I should do senior pictures

Thanks for reading this blog. I really appreciate your time. 

As you know the upcoming school year is fast approaching.  With that comes school picture and senior pictures.  Senior pictures are part of our legacy.  They are our mark that we leave on our school.  We will forever be featured in the senior section of the year we in which we graduated.

If you know of a family with a senior this upcoming year, I would appreciate it if you would refer them to Studio One.  You know that Kurt does a great job.  You get great portraits and a fair price.  Kurt works very hard at his craft and it has taken him years to master.  You can see the results when you look at a Studio One portrait.  All too often people just are getting “files” of their pictures.  A portrait is not finished until it is printed.  Why?  We place a lot of faith that digital images are going to be there in the future however the truth is we don’t know.  We don’t know if the media will fail, a hard drive will go bad, or the cloud will be hacked.  What we do know is that if you print your pictures out you will have them.  Even if you face disaster where you home burns down or there is a tornado, Studio One keeps your files as safe as we can so you can have your memories restored.  After all that’s why we do this.  To be remembered and to hold on to those memories.

If you have ever had a friend or relative that has had Alzheimer’s or Dementia you know how important memories are.  My mother had Dementia and her memories were taken away from her.  At the end you barely could recognize that this person was someone you loved.  Fortunately, there are photographs to remember her by. 

As an incentive for referring your friends and family for their senior pictures we will give you a family portrait session and a free 8x10 portrait.  This can be a portrait in the Studio or at Ella Sharpe Park.

So when that picture in the yearbook surfaces 30 years from now is it one that you will be proud of or is it one you will regret? 

A portrait by Studio One isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.