Old Fashioned Christmas at Studio One

Hark back to the old days with a good old-fashioned Christmas at Studio One.  A timeless portrait of your children at a precious age is priceless.

Call 517-782-3974 for more information.

Seniors it's your time…but it's running out!

Seniors, if you have not had your picture taken yet but still want to make a yearbook deadline go to Studio One.  It's fast, easy, and the prices are fair.  Call 517-782-3974 for your appointment today.

If you are a Senior what are you waiting for?

Senior pictures are a big deal  You want them to be good because you will be remembered for that picture forever.  

Get a really good portrait.  It will reflect on you forever.

Christmas Is Coming Up!

Christmas is coming up soon.  Do you have your shopping done?  If you are like me probably not.  

It's nice to know that almost all moms want family portraits.  It's a great gift idea and you know that mom will love it.  

Right now get a gift certificate for a family portrait at Studio One for 30% off.  That mean buy a $100 certificate for only $70.  You can save money and make mom happy!

Merry Christmas from Studio One!


Do you have your senior pictures done yet?

Do you have your senior pictures done yet?  There is still time at some local schools to get your yearbook image into the yearbook coodinator in time.  Call 782-3974 for more information.

Fall is over…winter approaches!

Well, it couldn't last forever.  Our beautiful weather is ending.  I'm so glad I had the oportunity to do some awesome seniors in the fall splendor the last few weeks.

Autumn is almost gone

It's here, then it's gone.  That's what the fall color season is.  While this year was better than most for keeping our color around we all know what is coming next, winter and months of dreary weather.  There is something you can do to get your senior pictures if you are too late for fall color, you can go to Studio One.  While it's not outdoors we have many, many backgrounds to choose from anc can do many amazing things with your pictures.  So what are you waiting for!  Yearbooks will be due soon!