The time is now

OK, you are a little late getting your senior pictures taken.  You know who you are.  Don't worry, call Studio One and you will get a great session at a reasonable price.  One more's a quick turn around time here.  It's not like that everywhere you go.

Fall Color is Late This Year

OK, Fall Color is really late this year.  Usually by the end of October the leaves are pretty much gone from the trees.  However this year we have color even at the end of October.  If you want to take advantage of the trees turning late call 517-782-3974 to schedule your appointment today.

Fall Color is at it's Peak!

Every year people want to get in on fall color for their senior or family portrait needs.  Right now is the best time for fall color.  The warm weather has led to fall color's peak being a few weeks later that usual.  This is great for fall portraits and the cooler weather is nice for sweaters and more flattering clothing.  

It's the little things that make a difference in your portraits.  Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 and we will photograph you the right way to produce the most flattering portrait that you have had made.

Crunch Time

Well it's crunch time to get those yearbooks into your yearbook coodinator.  Havn't taken your senior pictures yet?  Well it's not too late but you'd better do it soon.  Remember, you don't just have to have them taken but you need to complete your session by selecting, ordering, having them produced and delivering them to your school.


So if you havn't started yet it's time to get on it.  Just some friendly advice from Studio One.


Your sport your way

When you see a Studio One portrait you know that a lot of work went into making it.  Backgrounds, lighting, and exposure have to all come together while telling a story to get a great portrait.  

You can trust Studo One for all of your portrait needs.

I want more!!

You work for 13 years to graduate from High School.  How will you be remembered?  Did you know that picture in the yearbook, the one you are really not interested in, is the one most of your classmates remember?  It's true.  It will follow you for the next 50 years or so.   You can get other pictures that show your stuff off or your fashion sense but the yearbook gets set in stone.  Why not get a really good picture from Studio One?  It will really pay off in the long run.

You are unique and you should show that.

You are unique, you are either an athlete, in band, honor society, or just plain in school.  You may have hobbies like cars or motorcycles, pets, or maybe you work after school.  Whatever it is that makes you unique get your senior pictures done with your activities included.  It will make them unique too.