Why come to Studio One

I know everyone asks this question before they come to Studo One.  Why.  Studio One offers the most for your money.  All of your money you pay goes towards your pictures.  We have a background bonanza indoors with lots of great backgrounds to choose from.  We have inovative outdoor sessions with outstanding gear that will make you look great.  Most of all we have Kurt.  He has 30 years of experience in photographing seniors and knows how to make your portait special, because after all your portrait is special.  You only do this once, make it count!

Fall is almost here!

Fall is almost here, and you know what that means.  Yearbook deadlines and senior pictures in the fall.  Call Studio One now at 517-782-3974 to reserve your time do document "your time".

Refreshing Images

You can get pictures anywhere.  You can only get creative portraits by Kurt Robertson at Studio One.  Our work is guarenteed to be outstanding.

Heating up for yearbook picture deadlines

The schedule is really starting to heat up with seniors getting photographed before yearbood deadlines come up.  

You should get on the schedule to get the time you want soon!

Creative Portraits

When you hire a professional photographer you expect really creative work.  Kurt has earned a Master of Photography and a Certified Professional Photographer deignation.  There are few photographers that have earned those degrees.  It really shows in the final product.

Seniors it's almost time

It's almost time to go back to school.  The difference is this year bill be your last year at high school.  A lot will change in your life the next few years.  Get a great senior portrait for mom and dad to remember you by.  It's the least you can do and your smiling face will still be in your home even while you get on with your life after high school.

It's Crunch Time

Believe it or not summer is winding down for students at our local schools.  Even though the temperatures are in the 90's you will be returning to school soon.  If you are a senior this year have you done your senior pictures?  If you haven't make sure to make your appointment soon.  Don't wait until right before the yearbook deadline.  You will be so busy once school starts that it will be difficulet to find time in your schedule.  

Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 and set up your appointment today.  It's easy, Studio One knows your yearbook requirements and you will be relaxed and have a great session with great pictures.