Why are senior portraits important to you?

 Why are senior portraits important to you?

The senior year is starting, and your senior will graduate and be off to college, trade school, or work.  Pretty soon you will have an emptier or empty nest.  I’m sure you will miss your kids when they are away, we all do.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have great senior pictures where you could see their smiling face whenever you want?  What is that worth to you?  #SeniorPics #Seniors2019 #www.jacksonstudioone.com #jacksonmiphotographer

The Importance of a Family Portrait

Here is a video that you really should see.  Don't worry it's only 30 seconds long!


Being a Pro

Continuing education is an important part of being a professional photographer.  Monday Kurt participated in a shoot with the Professional Photographers of Michigan.  Cool cars and plenty of models made it a great day.  #jacksonphotographer #seniorpics #seniors2019 #PPofM

Creativity at Studio One

Summer is the time for Senior Pictures and there is no better place to do them then at Studio One.  You will get the most creative portraits at a reasonable price.  
Don't wait until school is upon us.  Call 517-782-3974 for more information now!  #Seniors2019 #SeniorPics #StudioOne #Creative

Senior Season is Upon Us!

The season for senior pictures is here!  You will want your senior pictures to be creative and different from everyone else's but you should also want them to be good. 

Call 517-782-3974 and Studio One will do a free consultation on your needs and desires for your pictures.  Kurt is a Certified Professional Photographer and a Master Photographer.  He will come up with something that will be unique to you AND good.

Seniors Class of 2019 Your Time is Now!

Class of 2019, your time for senior pictures has come.  This is your chance to be photographed for that once in a lifetime moment, your graduation.  It's an incredibly big deal!  You are about to go off on your own and you are at your peak.  You want this portrait to be special and Studio One will make it so.  Kurt has over 30 year of experience and many national and international awards for his senior work.  You deserve a portrait by Studio One.  You have earned it.

Easter Specials

Studio One and our sister company Jackson Event Photography are merging.  They will still be separate brands as they serve very different markets.  Studio One offers an upscale custom product while Jackson Event Photography offers volume solutions at a less expensive price.  

Starting this Thursday our Easter Special will be going at Jackson Crossing Mall.  Pictures start at 4 and prices start at $12.99.

We'll see you at the Mall and Happy Easter!