Waiting for fall color

If you are waiting for fall color to have pictures in the leaves don't wait any longer.  Call 782-3974 to schedule your appointment today!

Fall is coming soon!

Fall is coming.  You can see it in the already!  The colder weather in early September has created conditions for fall color to be here early.  Don't wait until the leaves blow off the trees!  Call 517-782-3974 for your appointment today!

The time is now!

The fall season is coming with a quickness.  A colder than normal start to September accelerated the trees to turn early.  Don't wait until the last minute to schedule your senior pictures!  All it takes is one storm with high winds to come along in early October and leaves will be gone.  

Call 782-3974 to schedule your appointment today!


Doing good things because we care

Once again Studio One is participating in the Oldham Project.  It's portraits of cancer patients.  Kelly was one of our very first clients at Studio One and we are more than happy to have her back for these portraits.  Good Luck Kelly!

Getting down to business

It's time to get going on your senior pictures.  It will be after labor day soon and if you want to be outdoors in your pictures you are only going to have a limited time.  The leaves usually blow off the trees in mid-October so that only leaves about 7 weeks to get your pictures done.  Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 to set up your appointment today.



Have you had your senior pictures taken yet?

Yearbook deadlines will be up for some schools before you know it.  Get your senior pictures soon!

it's never too late

I recently had the pleasure of doing our friend Kaite's senior portrait.  Katie graduated this year so she already has her diploma.  She had a lot going on in her life and it just didn't happen in the ideal timeframe.  However, life doesn't either and we did some awesome pictures of her anyway.  The fact that she had them taken a few months later won't really matter.  It will never diminish how much everyone loves and appreciate her and we are glad we will all have the pictures to remember her even when she moves on with her life and eventual career.