School Will Be Here Soon

School is starting very early this year and with that comes your commitment as a senior to turn in a yearbook picture of yourself.  Although rules vary widely most of the schools in Jackson require a head and shoulders studio portrait for that particular image.  Call Studio One at 782-3974 to schedule your portrait for the yearbook today.  You will be glad that you did.

Questions to ask in a senior picture

There are many questions to ask yourself before you get senior pictures (portraits) taken.  Here are a few and how you answer them is important to who you have do them.

1.  Why are you getting senior pictures taken?  To share with friends or family?  To show off an achievement or hobby?  Or because your mom is making you?

We don't always know why however some useful advice is that if it is worth doing it's worth doing right.  Getting the cheapest is not always to your advantage.  More needs to go into a decision as important as this one is.  We are not shopping on Amazon and looking for the cheapest price, we are looking for the most satisfying value.

2.  What difference does it make how I take delivery of my pictures?  I can get them printed anywhere if I buy the files and print them myself.

While it's true you can get them printed anywhere how good will they be or how long will they last?  Most people who buy files don't even print them at all.  There is a big risk that someday you will not be able to see your pictures that way.  Online services can back-up your files but they do not protect them from degradation.  Yes, even digital images degrade if done the wrong way.  You also don't know how good the images are to print until you try.  Many times they are out of gamut on the printer or saved in the wrong color profile and cannot be printed in their entirety.  

Studio One prints it's pictures on Fuji Professional paper.  It also mounts and coats every image to make sure that your portraits last.  Why is that important?  Your memories will last and you will enjoy the experience of being photographed by a professional photographer.  

Anyone can take a picture.  It takes a photographer to MAKE a portrait.

Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 and we will schedule a free consultation so you make sure you get the portraits you want.  You can also get an estimate as to how much it costs so there are no surprises that way.  What have you got to lose, call now.

Crunch Time

August is almost here and with school starting sooner than ever it is a really good time to call for senior pictures and get your appointment.  It gets busy this time of year and you will want to make sure you make an appointment for a time that works for you.  Call 782-3974 and make an appointment to have Kurt do one of Studio One's famous senior picture sessions.

What Value to Portraits Have

It's easy to ask yourself what value portraits have.  In busy modern life, why should I take the time to do a portrait?  I can have a selfie off my phone in seconds.

A well-done portrait that is finished is not something that you consume and replace.  It's about marking the passage of time.  It's about stopping that moment.  And most of all it's about memories.  Weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays are all occasions to mark with a portrait.  We, of course, can't stop time in real life however we can when we do a portrait.  And a good one will show us at our best.

Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 and set up an appointment with Kurt to mark your special occasion with a portrait.  You will be glad you did.

Your senior pictures mean so much

Your senior pictures mean so much.  Why trust someone who is not a photographer? It's a good question and one that deserves an answer.

Even though times have been tough in recent years, many people still are struggling.  It's hard to budget for senior pictures when you have so many bills and only so much money.  

Did you know that Studio One offers Packages starting at $180.  That includes some prints for mom and dad, grandparents, and wallets.  That's a ----great deal!  If you are having a hard time making ends meet call Studio One at 517-782-3974 and we will make a great portrait by a Master Photographer at a great price.

$25 in print credit if you are photographed before September

If you are a Senior and you schedule your appointment to happen by August 31st, 2017 you can get $25 in print credit towards your order.  Hurry, the offer expires once September is here.  Call 517-782-3974 to schedule.

Senior Picture Time

It's after 4th of July and it's senior picture time.  School will start in September and before you know it yearbook images will be due.  Call Studio One at 517-782-3974  to set up your appointment for senior pictures and get $25 in print credit if you schedule before September 1st.