Why it's important to print your photos

We all know that modern life has brought many conveniences with our pictures.  Put them online and share them with your friends and family.  It's great, in fact, Studio One gives you social media size images for free of anything that you order.  However, what about the images for ourselves?  Will they be there when we are older?  Or will they get lost in the cloud or on our computer?   

Get your photographs printed professionally to make sure that your legacy is not lost.  That your memories do not fade.  And that you have beautiful art to decorate your home with.  You will be happy that you did.

Watch this video by the Professional Photographers of America for more information.



Shine like a star

You can shine bright like a star with your senior pictures.  It's easy.  Go to www.jacksonstudioone.com or call 1-517-782-3974 and set up a consultation appointment.  There is no cost and you can talk over what your interests, hobbies and how you would like to be portrayed in your senior pictures.  

You will shine brightly in your senior pictures by going to Studio One.

Summer is here with a vengence

Well summer is here and it already has been hot.  A few tips for your pictures.  

1.  If you can come early in the morning to be photographed it is not as hot as later in the day.

2.  Wear solid colors, it's slimming for your pictures.  Also avoid shorts and sleveless outfits.  They are less flattering for most people.  Remember we cannot tell how hot it is in a photograph.

3.  Get photographed earier in the year.  It will not conflict wtih your schedule once school starts and the grass is usually greener earlier in the summer.


Just a few pointers to help make your senior pictures turn out better and be a once in a lifetime experience!

What your senior portrait means

I know in this age of the professional online shopper that it's hard not to go with the largest quantity or the lowest price.  But where is the meaning in that.  When you buy toilet paper it does not really matter but if you are buying something that is going to be around for your lifetime and after it does matter.  Having professional photos taken for your senior portrait is not just about how much they cost or how many of them are taken.  It's about quality.  It's about telling your story.  It's about you.

Kurt is a Certified Professional Photographer and a Master Photographer.  He will incorporate your interests if you like and do great lighting and posing to help you look your best.  After all, light is what it's all about with photography.  It makes or breaks your picture.  

Don't go to just anyone.  You deserve more.

Go to Studio One!

School is finally out!

School is finally out and you know what?  If you are a senior this coming year you should really get an appointment lined up to get your senior pictures taken.  It does not take that long and you will not be as busy now as when your senior year starts.  

Call 782-3974, Studio One offers free consultations so there is no risk in finding out what your options are.

Seniors Read Here

This is my daughter's last day of school.  She has big plans this summer and it will be challenging to fit it all into the summer vacation.  She is not a senior yet and I know when she is a senior she will be even busier.  (SHE WILL BE ABLE TO DRIVE!)  

To all of you 2018 Seniors out there, be safe, have fun, and get your senior pictures take before school starts again in the fall.  You will be happy that you did.

Studio One Photography,  Free consultations to get the best portrait in Jackson.

Imagination Rules!

An imaginative Senior Portrait does not have to be executed poorly.  Portraits that are successful take planning and execution.  A Certified Professional Photographer can really make the difference between your portrait being a WOW picture or just something that fails for some reason.

Call Studio One at 517-782-3974 for your free, no-risk consultation and we will work with you to make sure we capture your dreams.