Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day is a time to remember many people that have gone before us.  I know that people wish each other a "happy" Memorial Day but it's really not the purpose of the holiday.  I of course do not wish anyone ill will on the day and hope they have a safe day.  However it's a time to reflect.  Reflect on where we are and how we got here.  It's a time to analyse wether or not those that came before us would feel proud of where we are.

Just a few thoughts.  Have a safe holiday weekend and remember why we have a holiday in the first place.  Spend the day with your family, after all they are what's important.


When the Weather Clears

I know that  many of you in the class of 2018 want your senior pictures taken outside.  Outside in Jackson is great with parks, a cool downtown area, or a location that you can pick out for your session.

A couple of things to remember before your senior session.  Does you school accept outdoor pictures for the yearbook?  Many like Jackson and Lumen do not accept outdoors for the yearbook.  (You may order whatever you want for yourself though)  How many outfits do you want to wear and what style are they?  It's best to consult with a professional for clothing.  You want to look your best, this is a once in a lifetime event!

Studio One does free consultations for senior pictures.  It's good to know that you can ask a professional with lots of experience for your most special portrait.

Call 517-782-3974 for an appointment for a free consultation today.

Creative Portraits Start Here

You only do your senior portraits once.  You want them to be creative but also good.  Kurt is a Master Photographer and a CPP, he knows his stuff!  Don't settle for anything less than getting your senior portraits done the right way.

Plan for your senior pictures

It's that time of year again when your child becomes an adult.  The class of  2017 is graduating and tthe class of 2018 are becoming seniors.  

Studio One offers FREE consultaions for your portraits.  You can check out locations, backgrounds, and prices to make sure you are getting the best session for you.  Of course you will be able to display your portraits form Studio One knowing that the processes used are the finest and that your portraits will last a really long time.  After all, isn't that why we take senior pictures in the first place?

Give Mom a Hug

Show mom how much you appreciate all that she does for you with a family portrait.  A gift certificat from Studio One is an easy way to accomplish this.  Just call 782-3974 to arrange your gift certificate today.

Graduation Cards Here

Studio One has great custom designed graduation cards with lots of variety of finish.  They include envelopes too.  Call 517-782-3974 for more details.

May Showers?

It's been  weird year for weather.  Warmer than usual, colder than usual, and of course wetter than usual.  It's a good time to remind the Seniors of 2018 not to get too late a start on senior pictures.  You never know what is going to happen with the weather and if you want to be outdoors it can have a big effect on you.  

It's best to schedule early, that way if weather doesn't cooporate you can make it up with another appointment later.