A reputable business

When you are choosing a photographer it's a good idea to pick one that is a real business person.  What I mean by that is they do photography not only to earn a living but also to be part of the community we all live in.  They should give back, not only in for form of charity but also in being responsible citizens and paying taxes, insurance, utilities and all of the things that go with being an adult.

 You want them to provide you with great images but how are they going to do that for free?  The answer is they can't, and if they are running a business they really can't.  Photography is a high overhead business and just printing the pictures out is not ordinarrily the biggest expense.

Remember, just because you have a nice camera does not mean that you take nice pictures or run a  business.  


Doing good things

Doing good things makes you feel like you stand for something.  Helping someone else when the chips are down is not something that a business needs to do, but it is nice if they choose to help.  

Studio One supports the Oldham Project.  Which gives cancer patients free portraits for themselves and thier loved ones.  It's a great cause that we are proud to support.

Your choosing Studio One for your portrait needs helps to insure that Studio One is able to do good things for the community.

The Only Way to See Snow

Lets face it, this winter has been a crazy year weather wise.  Mid 60's in the middle of Febrary is insane!  If you want senior portraits in the snow you would think you are out of luck.  Studio One can do them right inside our studio and add snow later.  You don't even have the snow falling in front of your face in the pictures.

Meanwhile enjoy the wonderful weather while it lasts.  This is still Michigan.

Bonus Items

You might think that there are no deals at a good photography studio.  You would be wrong.  Studio One has several bonus items this next year including these accordian albums.  You can earn them for free depending upon what you order.  

Studio One, not just a better deal but a better value.

Have you updated your business portrait lately?

Have you updated your picture lately on your social meda and web site?  It's importrant to have a nice looking professionall photo that is not totally out of date.  When people meet you for business you really don't want a picture that is 20 years old.  You want a relatively recent photo that looks professional.  Not a selfie from your last vacation.  

Be taken seriously, get a new portrait.

Good article for your social meda presence here.  http://deswalsh.com/2012/09/11/have-you-updated-your-google-plus-profile-lately/

Gearing up for senior models

2017 is here and Studio One is already hard at work on our 2018 model program.  New products, incentives, and backgrounds are just a few of the changes we are making every year.  Just part of our commitment to keeping Studio One the best studio in Jackson Michigan.

Senior Rush?

I've been hit by an unexpected mini-rush of seniors this year.  The beginning of the month is filling up fast!  Maybe this is because seniors are waiting longer than ever to get their pictures done.  Don't worry though, Studio One can handle it.