How to get your senior pictures taken

How to get your senior pictures taken

1    What will you be wearing?  Is it pressed and neat?  Do not stuff it into a bag and bring it for pictures.  Is it too busy?  Solid colors work the best for pictures.  Do I have a variety of colors and styles of outfits?  Don’t wear all the same color for all of the outfits.  Vary the style as well.  Think timeless!

2    Accessories…Don’t forget them.  Belts, jewelry, musical instruments, uniforms for sports or band.  Make sure to have them with you the day of your appointment.  Make sure uniforms and instruments are available to you and not locked up at the school.

3    Hair.   Get you haircut about 1 week before the appointment.  Don’t wait until the day of your session and then get a haircut that does not turn out the way you want it too.  Now is not the time to experiment with a new hairstyle.

4    Fingernails should be as you would like them to be in your pictures.  Girls, don’t use a color nail polish that you have not used before.  Think timeless like on your outfits.

5    Shoes and socks, don’t forget them!  Make sure they are appropriate for the outfits you have.  I recommend not wearing white shoes for most pictures.  Especially outdoors or downtown.  They get dirty more easily and you really don’t want your feet to stand out more than the rest of you.

6    Be on time for your appointment!  There may be another appointment right after you. 

7    Know your yearbook requirements!  If your school sends out a letter with the requirements listed bring it with you.  Know your deadline as well.

8    Glasses, make sure the frames are in good shape and if possible have the lenses removed for the pictures.  Most optical shops will do this free of charge.

9    Get a decent nights sleep the day before your appointment.

10   Don’t worry too much about blemishes.

11    DO NOT SUNBURN!!!!

12    Guys, a fresh shave is important.  If you look scruffy in real life you will in your pictures too.

13    Girls, natural makeup or evening makeup is fine. 

                    14   Braces, braces can be removed with additional artwork for an extra charge.  Some dentists are willing to remove braces for your session but if you have this done have it                               done at least a few days in advance.

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